Building Update

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The new Kitchen and Dining Hall is finished! Praise God that this building was built debt-free. The building was dedicated to the Lord on Memorial Day 2010. A fireplace was added to this building in July 2012. We will also be providing some structure to the canopy porch (aka pavilion).

WHAT’S THE NEXT STEP? Building Exterior

The camp has spent considerable time in strategic planning to prioritize building needs. Now that the needs have been established, the Building Committee is doing the homework to provide floorplans, estimated costs, prints and more. After a lengthy study we are excited to announce our “Shekels for Seven Projects” campaign. The seven projects we have chosen will help us to advance the camp for future years. Please pray with us during this process. Of course, you can also give to the camp’s Building Fund so that we will have funds to get us going.

Girls Shower House FloorplanSHEKELS FOR SEVEN PROJECTS

1. RENOVATION OF THE GIRL’S SHOWERS: The building will be expanded and provide twice as many showers as the existing building. Each shower area will also have its own private changing area. Two new makeup counters will be added. New toilets (including a handicapped accessable one) will be included. The cost for this project is $33k. We plan to have this building finished by Memorial Day 2015.


This area will be screened in as a three-season porch. The floor will be composed of pavers. The gutters on the building will be redirected to allow better flow away from the building. This work will mostly be done by contractors. The cost is $32k.


The existing maintenance garage will be retro-fitted to becaome an office and canteen. The building has already been gutted out in the summer of 2014. We will add some windows and provide a/c. Additional electrical needs and plumbing will be introduced to the building. We will tie the water drainage into a nearby septic line. The cost will be $27k.

RV Loop Plan

This is a drawing from the original master site plan from the 1990s. We will put in half of the loop now and the other half will come later. Although this drawing shows 10 pads, we will only plan on 6-8 pads. Click on the image to enlarge it.


The area near the Jensen Memorial Shed will be converted into an RV loop. For now, we plan to set up 6-8 hook-ups. These will provide water, electrical and a septic area. The cost comes to $22k.


This building has served this area for nearly 100 years (originally built in 1917). We have patched, buttressed, re-built, re-inforced, and done a few other creative things to keep this building going. Now is the time to take it down. The cost for a demolition crew to come in and remove the debris comes to $32k.


Since the Old Main will be coming down, we will need a separate building for our adult staff to shower. Obviously, they cannot use the same facility as our campers. A block shower house will be constructed on the northeast corner of the current footprint of the Old Main (where the current office and showers are in that building). Since this building is near the lake, we will have some exterior showers to allow folks to rinse off from the lake before walking through the grounds. Our cost on this project will be $56k.


Finally, we are looking to purchase a used skid-steer. This will help us in our building program as well as our day to day maintenance issues around the camp. We are planning to spend $15k for this machine.

All totaled, our projects come to $250k. Your gifts are greatly appreciated and needed. We need both small and large gifts in order to make the camp all that it needs to be. Please make your gift payable to MRBC (MN Regular Baptist Camp) and include a note that this is for Dept. MC. Gifts should be sent to:


MN Regular Baptist Camp
Dept. MC
39725 225th Street
Winnebago, MN 56098